The services provided by TWHS are:


  •  Craniosacral Therapy
  •  Half day and weekend retreats
  •  Group yoga classes
  •  Private yoga sessions


Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is a light touch approach that releases tension deep in the body to improve your body’s ability to take better care of you. During a CST session you will remain in comfortable clothing on a padded massage table. The practitioner will simultaneously apply gentle touch to areas along the spine and the front of the body. This releases transverse fascia to facilitate the movement of your cerebral spinal fluid. Gentle pressure is also applied to your head to allow movement of spinal fluid in your cranium.  This fluid movement distributes nutrients, antibodies, and flushes waste. It lubricates tissue, helping muscle strength and decreasing muscle strain.



Group yoga classes

Group classes are intimate with 6 or fewer students. Group classes are either led vinyasa (flow) or restorative (deep relaxation). Knowledge of basic postures is helpful, but not necessary.



Private Yoga sessions

We will work together to come up with postures that work for your body. We can work around body idiosyncrasies and injuries.

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